The Friday mailbag returns

We are back for mailbag #2 – a mishmash of sports thoughts from all levels

  • As the OWOLS have taken flight, I have been to a handful of field hockey games. The girls have wooden sticks and a hard ball – yet they don’t wear any type of protective gloves- someone explain this to me
  • I am a baseball guy – nothing like playoff baseball. At the end of the day, pitching wins. It’s the Nationals (Scherzer, Strasburg, Corbin) against the Astros (Cole, Verlander, Grienke) but offense ruled the first two games- shocked the Nats are up 2-0
  • I’m trying to get into the Celtics – I just can’t yet. I need Tacko Fall to be a full-time player, he is entertaining. Tough start last night.
  • The Bruins are off to a solid start but at 6-1-2 – looking like a strong player in the East again- but they’re all a year older – I just don’t see it happening.
  • The Burlington girls’ volleyball team is having a solid season – but they just fell to Melrose after beating them earlier in the year – I get a sense these two teams will find each other again in the state tournament.
  • In a worst-case scenario, the Burlington football team will finish the season at 3-4, will that be enough to earn a playoff game? Probably but we will see.
  • Since my last mailbag—Antonio Brown gone, now Josh Gordon bye, Michael Bennett see ya – and here that Pats sit at 7-0, welcome Mohammed Sanu.
  • Barring upsets this week – may not be a more highly anticipated college football game then Alabama vs. LSU next week. I hope Tua is healthy so we can see who the true #1 is.
  • Proud moments? My 10-year-old telling me today he needed to pick up Chase Edmonds just in case David Johnson can’t start for his fantasy team this week
  • Prepping my mailbag late on a Thursday night, watching the Redskins/Vikings—the purple color splash is REAL!
  • On that note, I can’t believe Adrian Petersen is still out there
  • Time for this week’s Pats prediction – something stinks about this game, the release/trade of Gordon and Bennett, a desperate Browns team, random 4:25 start, the short week – I don’t think they lose but be careful here—Pats 24, Browns 21

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  1. Finally!! Friday mailbag is back…keep them coming!!

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