The Friday mailbag, Volume One

By Bryan Brothers

Welcome to the first ever mailbag, a mish mosh (is that a word) of sports thoughts from pro to college to youth and everything in between.

Nice to see Bruce Cassidy rewarded with a contract extension from the Bruins. He’s been solid from day one and brought this team a game from the ultimate prize last season
On that note, the window is closing quickly for the Bruins. Zdeno Chara is not what he used to be, Patrice Bergeron has a lingering groin issue, and if you can believe it Brad Marchand is 31 years old. Last year was the year, I don’t see it happening this season for the Black and Gold
While we all think the Red Sox should make the playoffs every year, sorry folks. However, while everyone is focused on whether Mookie or JD will stay or go, I give you this – I hope you are confident in the Sox front end of the rotation because the Sox will pay Sale, Price, and Eovaldi a combined $79 million dollars next year (Source: and my good buddy John Z)
I was recently covering a girl’s soccer game for my new website and watched a referee have to throw a parent out – I hope I never become that parent
For those who know me, you know I am a tennis fan and I think tennis athletes don’t get the credit they should. If anyone watched the Rafael Nadal/Daniel Medvedev US open final, then you know what I am talking about – a five set battle at the highest level. Nadal is now one short of tying Roger Federer’s record of 20 grand slams. Nadal has won 12 French Opens – including eight of the last ten. Can he win two more and pass Federer, yes. Will Federer win another major? Sadly, I say no.
Antonio Brown –aye, aye, aye—I won’t say much. But if he plays Sunday, he goes for say six catches, 90 yards, and a touchdown.
As I write this, I am watching Thursday night football, Carolina vs. Tampa Bay—rooting for Cam Newton fantasy points, football is back!! Funny—I will likely watch every play of this game, yet when Sunday comes, I will watch Red Zone all day long!
Speaking of Red Zone – does Scott Hansen have another gig – or does he just work 17 weeks a year?
Need a sleeper play in fantasy football this week – give Derek Carr a shot, likely to be trailing all day long against a mediocre Chiefs defense
Back to that Thursday night game I am watching – Jamies Winston is awful (moments later while editing this piece, he throws a dart to Godwin for a TD and fantasy points for my team, I take it back)
Basketball is probably the least favorite of the big four sports for me – but am I really seeing that Team USA is playing Poland in the match for 7th place tomorrow—yikes.
I write this the day after 9/11 – if you haven’t seen the story of Welles Crowther, go look it up. I watch it every year on 9/11 – the Red Bandana

That’s all for the first mailbag – feel free to drop a line in the comment section – I leave with you my Pats prediction for the weekend – it is in Miami, weird stuff happens in Miami, the Pats have lost five out of the last six trips to Miami, but this is a bad Miami team.

Patriots 34, Miami 13

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  1. Hey Bryan,

    Good stuff!! Love that you & Doug are taking this on…you have my full support. Best of luck!!

    Bruce Morey

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